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Jumba Ruins Monsoons Seafood Restaurant lies remotely on the northern edge of Mtwapa, few kilometers from the main road. Take the Picana Factory junction right onto the beach. The restaurant’s setting is within the National Museum’s Jumba Ruins precincts. As you walk down to the ocean you can visit the Large House of Slaves, in Swahili known as Jumba La Mtwana. The new restaurant is managed by a Swahili lady, serving exquisite catch of the day, and excellent traditional Swahili spiced dishes. For reservations call Tel +254 734 663370 or +254 4120 12666. More information on Jumba Ruins Monsoons website.


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Jambo everybody, Simply to tell as a chef myself,Monsoon restaurant is place to go,me as Italian food lover,thats the place to eat if there is room to fit in,but its much more than restaurant,its an relaxingplace with no hurry up.Hi Aziza and Attilo and all the rest,am just waiting to come again after my long safari in north. fratello del nord.

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