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Mtwapa has grown from Swahili fishermen village, one of East Africa’s oldest settlements, to Kenya’s rapidly developing town on Mombasa North Coast. Mtwapa is worth visiting with two renown archaeological sites: the Jumba Ruins and Mtwapa Heritage Site. Mtwapa Creek, an inlet of the deep blue Indian Ocean bordering to Mombasa Marine Park, is surrounded with lush palm trees and mangroves. This Creek is the base for deep sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and romantic sundown trips up the Mtwapa Creek. On land-side Mtwapa offers activities like biking the area, bush tours and visits to local, more traditional communities. The excellent beaches stretching along the north coast attract a growing number tourists. Traveler to Mtwapa can experience top class restaurants offering various Swahili and International dishes a choice of accommodation, friendly and helpful people and 24/7 nightlife. Mtwapa is a vibrant tropical town that never sleeps.

Kikoys made in Kenya

A Kikoy is a traditional sarong or ‘wrap’ and considered the East African equivalent of a kilt. As they wear and wear the cotton becomes softer and softer. The loose weave of the Kikoy just lends itself to become a well-worn security blanket of notable comfort. Each Kikoy is unique in that the looms are threaded by craftsmen who make their Kikoys rather like a Persian carpet, with a minute difference in each batch of looming. Kikoys are made from 100% soft cotton, grown in East Africa and spun in Kenya. The yarn is dyed with eco-certified dyes. Visit our Facebook page or send us email: to order your original kikoys online.